Why Tiffany hasn’t been writing.

This brave woman is battling stage 4 cancer with incredible grace – and style. Her dancing video is wonderful, as is her blog. Her husband updates the blog on occasion.

Loving Cancer

WONDER-BALLOONHi, all.  So, why hasn’t Tiffany posted any updates?  Is everything OK?

Frankly, she’s been too busy!  Inpatient life is a busy life.  Catching sleep when she can, listening to beeping IV pumps, being woken up for vitals, taking doctor-ordered walks, meeting with RNs and PTs and NPs and PAs and docs, managing trips to the bathroom . . .  It truly is exhausting!

And in the middle of it all, she sends some work-related emails, responds to old and new friends (text, facebook, email), works on her new website, occasionally blabs for a bit on the phone with one of the many people wanting to hear her voice, and . . .

. . . gives a skype interview for the podcast of a friend of ours, Marc Raco.

That’s right.  She had to talk with the nursing staff to find a suitable place, and they gave her the…

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