Photo 101, Day Eighteen: Finding the edge

Court 1Today’s Photo 101 assignment — “show us an edge” and use a photo editing tool to check the alignment — made me think of an outtake from Day Seventeen’s assignment with classmate Mark Bialczak.

I retrieved this shot of our city court building, knowing it had a lot of lines and edges. But the original wasn’t straight, so I tried out free editing site PicMonkey to check and fix the alignment. (I wish I could get my car’s front end aligned for free after dealing with a winter of Syracuse potholes.)

There’s only a slight difference in the before and after, as I tried to remove a sliver of blue sky showing on the left side of the building. Either way, I like the plentiful lines and sunlight streaming through the glass. And the more I compare the two, I like the original better. The sliver of sky gives the building some depth, some context.

Court 1a


About Jim McKeever

Writer, father, runner, advocate based in Central New York.
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12 Responses to Photo 101, Day Eighteen: Finding the edge

  1. Lotta Wanner says:

    I like the one with the whole building, but either on e is good 🙂


  2. ksbeth says:

    i like both, but they each give a different feel. i think the second one speaks to the ‘edge’ concept a bit more.

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  3. Wonderful choice for your assignment – being able to see the blue-green stairs inside the building contrasted with the blue outside. My preference is the first. I do like the blue sky on the left side of the building. Edgy! 😉

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  4. reocochran says:

    I like to see the corners of buildings and the details, too. The blue was gorgeous and you certainly captured some brilliant photos, Jim.

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  5. I’m not the most observant person in the world and I cannot see the difference between the two photos Jim.
    Diana xo


  6. markbialczak says:

    Nice subject, Jim. I think the blue sky remaining to the left is better, too. What I would have chose to crop out of the photo is the beige in the building on the right side of the photo. It would have left enough of the blue sky and white trim up to pop the building, and enough of the tree at the bottom right — maybe. That’s the toughest call. But I like the more vertical look. Anyway, six of one, half a dozen of the other, because both of your shots here are great because of the lines, the light, and the way the windows allow us to see inside the building. Great edge, classmate.

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  7. Jim McKeever says:

    Good idea, Mark … That’s the beauty of the technology — make a duplicate, and crop away a little at a time on the test photo. And even better that there’s such a thing as the “undo crop” function!


  8. cat9984 says:

    I particularly like the “ice cube tray” on the right better in the first picture. Looks more interesting to me. Between you and Mark, I am seeing enough of Syracuse to think I’ve visited. 🙂

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  9. Jim McKeever says:

    And an old-fashioned ice cube tray at that! Thanks for that, Cathy … never noticed it when I was looking at it and shooting.


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