An exceptional man and his journey: Exhibit A

Brian D'Apice at Mount Rushmore on July 26.

Brian D’Apice at Mount Rushmore on July 26.

This is the first of two updates on a pair of exceptional men I admire, and the vastly different journeys they are on.

I’ve written here before about Brian D’Apice and his 10,000-mile solo bicycle ride for charity. Many readers have asked to be kept informed about how he’s doing. (An update on the second exceptional man and his journey will soon follow.)

Brian, 30, is nearing the West Coast on his Bicycle Around America trek that began May 4 in New York City. He has pedaled 4,000 miles across almost 20 states. He left Missoula, Montana Thursday en route to Spokane, Wash.

Brian is faring quite well, remains upbeat and has encountered far more kindness and appreciation than hardship. Perhaps the worst thing he’s faced, other than steep hill climbs, rain and headwinds, is the occasional middle-finger “salute” from motorists.

(Wouldn’t you just love to tell those idiots that the guy they just flipped off is a U.S. Army veteran giving up a year of his life to ride a bicycle 10,000 miles to help military families and children living in poverty?)

I’ve said this before, but it’s impossible to be around Brian and not feel inspired, uplifted and encouraged about young people and the future. He’s the real deal. His parents did a helluva job.

Learn more about Brian and his efforts. If you’re so inclined, lend him a hand — he’d appreciate any offer of kindness: a jar of peanut butter, a gift card, a place to stay, a donation to one of the charities he’s devoting a year of his life to helping.

If you’d like a positive and thoughtful look at life and why we’re here, check out his blog.

Here’s a sample from his most recent post:

“Part of me enjoys the challenges and discomfort—it makes me feel closer to the people I am helping. It seems that in the most trying times I feel the most purpose in my life. It’s invigorating, which is exactly what I need to push through the task at hand. I also enjoy challenges because they give me the opportunity to grow.

“I recognize that overcoming the numerous trials I’ve faced in the past has only made me a stronger person today, so I welcome whatever experiences I will face in the future, knowing that they will only teach me more about myself and the world around me.”


About Jim McKeever

Writer, father, runner, advocate based in Central New York.
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8 Responses to An exceptional man and his journey: Exhibit A

  1. Go Brian go – very inspiring! As for people flipping him off, I bet he handles that with grace like a true hero! Jim, has he considered a shirt/jacket that says what he’s doing on the back? ❤
    Diana xo


  2. Angie Mc says:

    Thanks for the update, Jim. Flipping off cyclists, sheesh.


  3. Jim … I admire Brian for taking on this challenge and trying to help others. Remind him to be careful out there. Motorists are not always paying attention to the road.


  4. What an inspiring young man. I checked out his website — and am in awe! Way to go Brian!


  5. SGTTT says:

    Great thin man. Hooah!


  6. markbialczak says:

    He’s the real deal and then some, Jim. Those folks that flip him off are not the deep thinkers of our society.


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