Kicking Ass, Libtards and My Modest Proposal

Here’s an anecdote that sums up The Divided States of America, and a rather simplistic explanation of how we got there.

But because our attention spans have been Twitterized, here’s the explanation first: Bad parenting.

Now the anecdote, plus my modest proposal.

Over the weekend, I tweeted that — on top of Donald Trump’s many faults — he can’t spell. (It was after the “unpresidented” thing, if you’re keeping score).

I was taken to task by some Twitter newbie, who replied that Trump’s difficulty with his native language doesn’t matter. Trump “kicked ass” on that “crooked” Hillary and “won” the presidency.

I responded that if he thinks losing by almost 3 million American votes is “kicking ass,” he’s delusional. I also took him to task for using the offensive word “libtard,” a perverted shortening of “liberal retard.”

I then dared him to use that word face-to-face with a parent of a child with disabilities. And, please, send me the photos of what happened after he did so.

His snarky response? “Libtard” has nothing to do with disabilities. “Don’t be ignorant,” he wrote.

Common sense dictates that a rational, open-minded conversation with this hate-filled individual is impossible. I can say “hate-filled” because I looked at his tweets, and they’re very, very unkind to liberals, gays, Rachel Maddow, “frumpy” women, et al.

Based on what I saw on Twitter, I assume he’s a straight, white male of privilege. So, how did he end up so pathetically, dangerously angry?

Unless he had his lunch money stolen every day in grade school, the answer has to be . . . bad parenting.

It’s way too late to do anything about that, but here’s an idea. Call it my Modest Proposal.

Let’s sterilize him. Really. Before he has a chance to breed, unless that has already happened (thanks in no small measure to alcohol, of course). We must act swiftly.

While we’re at it, and with the help of concerned citizen tipsters, let’s round up as many of these bad-parents-in-waiting as we can, and snip their reproductive capabilities in the bud.

It’s not as if this practice is unprecedented.

America has sterilized certain populations during its ugly chapters, but . . . this is different. People such as my Twitter troll, and the “Cook my fucking burrito, bitch!” Trump supporter at an Arizona rally shouldn’t be allowed to reproduce.

We need to do this for no other reason to make America . . . less ignorant again.


About Jim McKeever

Writer, father, runner, advocate based in Central New York.
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One Response to Kicking Ass, Libtards and My Modest Proposal

  1. markbialczak says:

    So much and so many are frightening, for sure, Mr. McKeever.

    Liked by 1 person

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