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Please, Rep. Katko, minimize the damage Trump is doing

A request to my representative in Congress, John Katko (R, NY-24): The challenge in writing to you about Donald Trump’s assault on democracy is to focus on the long view, to avoid getting caught up in his latest deliberate distraction, … Continue reading

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Trump’s Swampville 9 loses a tough one to Team USA

Back when ‘merica was great, baseball teams “barnstormed” across the U.S., delighting fans young and old. None of those squads, however, packed stadiums like Donald Trump’s rag-tag Swampville 9. They lost a close one this week, 6-5 on a walk-off … Continue reading

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You’re never too old to ask for an autograph

When I read that former Boston Red Sox pitcher Mike Timlin was due to appear at a minor-league baseball game in Syracuse, I knew I had to be there. Timlin, who played for the Syracuse Chiefs in the early 1990s … Continue reading

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Where have you gone, Jeff Bailey? I owe you one

Eight years ago during a professional baseball game, I made up for a fielding error I had committed earlier that season. OK, that’s misleading. I was a spectator in both cases, not a player. But redemption was mine, thanks to … Continue reading

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Taking the long way home . . . on purpose

I wasn’t looking forward to the 496-mile drive home from Michigan, so I decided to take the long way and add 90 miles. Crazy, right? I had my reasons, including avoiding border crossings in and out of Canada that can … Continue reading

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115-year-old photo illustrates family’s link to baseball

Many of the family photos I inherited after my parents died remain a mystery. But there’s one that explains my family’s apparent genetic addiction to sports in general, baseball in particular. For years I’ve been in possession of a photograph of the 1900 … Continue reading

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Team’s visit to children’s hospital is a big win after a bad loss

A professional baseball player whose team gets clobbered, yet shows up the next morning at a children’s hospital — I mean really shows up, doesn’t just phone it in —  is more than OK in my book. Ten players from the Syracuse … Continue reading

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‘… a time when every summer will have something of autumn in it’

If you recognize the quote in the headline, you’re a fan of baseball and great writing. Those words sum up the urgency that accompanies growing older, the passion with which we can live our lives — and for me, how I want … Continue reading

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