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When you know your neighbor is packing heat

A neighbor of mine has made his position on guns very clear. In the front window of his very large truck, he used to have a sign that read: “I carry a gun. Because a cop’s too heavy.” Or something … Continue reading

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In Syracuse, NY, why do we accept mediocrity?

It took way too long for a frustrating, often dangerous traffic situation in Syracuse, NY, to be remedied. What did it take? Two e-mail exchanges, three years apart. How the solution┬ácame about is┬ánot as important as what the long-standing problem … Continue reading

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How to toot your own horn — in the car, that is

Full disclosure: I am a candidate for the title of Most Impatient Driver. But mindful of how crazy the world is, with road ragers killing other drivers, I mostly just mutter under my breath when another driver pulls a rude … Continue reading

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The end of a road rage story … but what started it?

The other morning I got out of the car at my favorite coffee shop and heard angry shouting from across the busy roadway. A man was standing next to his car, stopped at a red light, yelling at a bicyclist … Continue reading

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